Wall Bracing

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Bowing Wall Restraints

Homes in the Kansas City area see many forms of structural issues. Part of the problems lie within our soils. The soils in Kansas City are made up from expansive clays.
Expansive clays can cause all kinds of issues to foundation walls. In many cases foundation walls can bow inward. This is due to the expanding and contracting of the soil around the home. The weather plays a direct role in how your foundation walls hold up.
When dry weather hits the Kansas City area, homes are left with voids under their concrete structures. When a wet season hits the metro, we see the soil expand. This can cause a bow in a basement wall.
When an issue like this is noticed, it is best to call a professional to fix the problem. Rayview Construction has decades of experience with fixing bowing walls in the Kansas City area. Give us a call today for a free estimate. 


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